Christmas Letter 2015

Friends and Family,

Our annual Christmas card photo will be published here on the blog tomorrow.  Obviously, this blog is dark, but I thought I would pop-in for a quick Christmas hello and a yearly wrap-up to look back on in a few years and for those of you that still stop by here occasionally!  It was a busy but amazing year for us here at Chez Weitl.

Bo is 8 (how did that happen?!) and started 2nd Grade this year and is taking piano lessons and is also a Boy Scout.  He’s been swimming for over a year now and continues to improve each meet.  He’s decided that swimming is his sport of choice so we are embracing it!  He has become an avid reader this year and digests at least one book a night.  He’s becoming a mini-Mike – both in his sense of humor and in his ability to retain random information!

Clara and Anna are 6 and in First Grade!  Clara and Anna are still participating in ballet, tap, and tumbling and in their second year of Girl Scouts (It’s almost cookie time!).  Both girls are also swimming for the IVLY Dolphins swim team and have improved greatly over the last year and a half!  They are both doing very well in school and also enjoy reading.  Clara is my mini-me — with dark brown eyes and many of my facial expressions and mannerisms.  Anna favors Mike’s family with her beautiful blue-eyes — and we are still debating where her feisty, future-CEO personality originated.

This year’s big project at Chez Weitl was the installation of our pool. #weitlpool2015  Yard work is still ongoing and it has been quite the undertaking, but I anticipate years of enjoyment and fun for the trio in our backyard pool.  I’ve vowed not to embark on any new home projects until after I finish my Ph.D.  Wish me luck with that one…

While our life is busy, chaotic, and exhausting, I can’t imagine it any other way.  We are continually thankful for these three little crazies that share our home and our lives.  While I’ve given up blogging, I am still active on Instagram.  Feel free to follow me – I’m @Jweitl5.

Mike is in his 12th year with the Social Security Administration and his second year as the manager of the Peru office.  He’s also been teaching for Ashford for over a year and doing a great job.  He’s a natural.  🙂

I’m finishing my third year teaching full-time from home for Ashford University as the Lead Faculty for POL 201 – American National Government.  I was finally able to hire a full-time coworker earlier this month which I am very excited about!  I also write and edit for Pipe-Up Media and teach an online class for the local community college, IVCC.  This year I became a travel agent and while I can book travel to anywhere, I specialize in Disney destinations.  I’m often asked why I decided to be a travel agent on top of everything else, and the truth is I love it!  Dreaming about Disney is fun for me! 🙂 Also, I’m a year and a half into my Ph.D. program through the University of the Rockies and counting down the days until graduation in 2019!

We had many adventures again this year.  Of course, we took our annual trip to Walt Disney World and combined our trip with a Disney Cruise on the Disney Dream in February.  It was a great trip and the kids ask daily when we can go on a Disney Cruise again!  Our other “big” trip this year was our first road-trip with the kids to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s homestead in South Dakota and to see Mount Rushmore.   Mike had a few work trips to Madison and Chicago and I had to fly to Denver for a long weekend as part of my Ph.D. curriculum.  Otherwise, we just took a few weekend trips to the Indiana Dunes, Wisconsin Dells, etc.  We actually tried to cut back on travel this year to focus on the pool completion — but we’re headed to the airport today for our Christmas trip (our gift to the trio this year) to Oahu, Hawaii.  I’m also presenting at the Hawaii International Conference on Education during our trip.

We hope that your family has a wonderful Holiday season filled with many blessings!

Mele Kalikimaka!



(Mike, Bo, Clara, & Anna too!)

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