I was emailed last week by a blog reader to ask where I’ve been.  Well, I’m here, but the blog is just no longer a priority.  In December, I took on a 3rd side job, in addition to my full-time job, Ph.D. courses, not to mention everything that comes with having 3 kids…

This blog has brought me great joy over the years.  I still love to look back at the photos and stories, especially from when the trio was little.  I am so glad I had this place and so glad to have had the blogosphere community and all of the wonderful people I met because of blogging.

As time continues to pass, I need this space less and preparing a post ends up being just one more thing on my never-ending to-do list.  While I use to love the indulgence of spending a few minutes on my computer to write, I now spend my entire workday on the computer — plus some.  The last thing I want to do in my limited free time is spend more time in front of a computer screen.

Also, over the last few years, I’ve started sharing less and less.  Even Facebook, which was a fun distraction and hobby for many years is no longer holding the same appeal.  Instagram has become my sharing mode of choice and I’ll admit that I have even considered making my account private.  As the kids grow older, they don’t need their mom sharing every tidbit of their lives.  Although I know when I am older, and I want to look back on this time, I will wish I would have continued to write every day — I hope that I will remember why I didn’t.  And I hope my trio will understand why as well, as they go through the growing pains of growing up and finding themselves.

I hope to find a way to save all of these years in printed book form, as memory books for the kids.  And I’m not saying I’ll never write again.  I probably will.  But it won’t be consistent.  It won’t even be monthly.

I have loved blogging.  It brought me great joy.  But my joy, it is elsewhere now — it is busy, still trying to do the best by these three, in every way it knows how…


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