December 2014 Round-Up

This month we:

– Bought Christmas gifts.  And wrapped them.  The amount of time this process takes is staggering.  I spend way too much time trying to find good gifts…

– Bo continued his piano lessons and had an extra make-up lesson.

– The girls had fun at dance class every Monday and really enjoyed the PJ day before Christmas break.

– Mike had to work late because of a server install.  I had a paper to write so I spent several hours on it after the trio went to bed.  Our evenings are exciting like that. ;0

– I booked our Fastpasses for our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World!  30 days to go!

– The trio participated in Santa’s Workshop at school.  They made neat candy jars with snowman hand prints to give to us for Christmas.

– Bo had Boy Scouts a few Thursday evenings this month.

– The trio continued practicing for swim team and we attended a home meet earlier in the month.  They are all improving, slowly but surely.  Clara knocked 22 seconds off her freestyle!  We’re learning many valuable lessons along the way — about being a good sport and how the most important type of competition is against yourself.  I hope these lessons stick!

– We went with the Bonds, Haskells, and Kilmartins to Bianchi’s for pizza before attending St. Nick Night at school.

– I took Bo to Emerson’s Birthday party at the Super Bowl and while he was there I did some Christmas shopping at the mall.

– The trio and I cuddled up and watched Pioneer Woman’s Christmas special together.  I love that they like Pioneer Woman.

– The trio had a jean day to support IVAR, a local animal rescue.

– I had a meeting with my boss with my evaluation for 2014 and it went well.  Looks like their will be plenty of work for me in 2015 with several new projects including a total curriculum overall of the course I run — all orchestrated by me.

– Clara and Anna had Girl Scouts a few times this month including a fun Christmas party where they dressed up in their best dresses, exchanged gifts, and worked on manners at the Dickinson House.

– Holy Family hosted a Pizza Hut night where a percentage of all purchases went to the school.  We took advantage and had a carry out pizza picnic in front of the Christmas tree.

– I met up with Jen for breakfast at Lock 16 one morning to catch up.

– Clara and Anna participated in Crusader Cuties where they were able to perform with the cheerleaders during one of the boy’s basketball games.  They loved it.  Heaven help me. 😉

– We celebrated Mike’s 38th Birthday!  He requested a chocolate cheesecake and he spent the day at home with me — mostly wrapping Christmas gifts.

– Laura and I went for pedicures to celebrate her 37th Birthday!

– The trio spent the night at Jim and Sherri’s one Saturday so Mike and I could do some intense wrapping.  We also managed to find some time to go out to dinner with Amanda and Kevin at Brandy’s.  Yummo!

– We spent a Sunday afternoon curled up watching Christmas movies with the trio. The hits of the season were Elf, Polar Express, Home Alone, and Home Alone 2.  We also tried to watch Christmas Vacation with them but quickly realized they aren’t quite ready for that one!

– I bought a three month package for DDPYoga and was quite dedicated this month.  17 workouts in December!

– We attended the trio’s Christmas program at their church.

– While Clara and Anna were at their Girl Scout Christmas party we had some one-on-one time with Bo.  We did some grocery shopping, let Bo pick out his gifts for Clara and Anna, and had dinner at Bo’s choice – Steak-n-Shake.  It’s so nice when we have the opportunity to go out with each child individually.

– Mike was able to take a full week off work.  While he was off, he took Bo, Clara, and Anna each to town individually to pick out Christmas gifts for each other and for me.  I always love seeing what they pick, especially for each other.  Mike said when he asked each of them what they wanted to get me their first response was always, “coffee.”  Hmm…  I can’t imagine why…

– I coordinated the breakfast with Santa at the trio’s school.  The kids all brought blankets and wore their pjs while eating donuts on the gym floor.  Santa arrived and talked to each of them as well.  It’s amazing how these simple things can sometimes be the best memories.  I know my three really enjoyed it.

– We attended the swim team Christmas party.  First up were group pictures followed by an obstacle course in the pool for the swimmers to race through.  After the course there is a spaghetti lunch with lots of goodies and treats.

– We attended the Vasquez families annual ugly sweater party.  This was our third year to attend and we all had a nice evening.  It’s always fun to see what everyone finds to wear and the kids love playing!

– The trio wasn’t feeling the best the few days before Christmas.  They all had colds.  Bo got it the worst of the three and the first few days of our break were spent recovering.

– We went Christmas caroling in the neighborhood with some of our neighbors and their kids.  It’s kind of like Trick-or-Treat with a Christmas theme as the kids received candy and cookies at many of the houses.  Clara had to bow out early — she still wasn’t feeling the best.

– We had Christmas with Jim and Sherri on the Sunday before Christmas.  They came down and we opened gifts with them and had chili for lunch.

– We spent Christmas Eve day at home cooking.  We made gingerbread houses, sugar cookies, and peppermint crunch cookies.  I also made dinner for Christmas Eve and prepped our annual Sticky Buns for Christmas morning.

– On Christmas Eve we had the Haskell family over for dinner.  Jocelyn brought the turkey and a few sides and I made ham and several sides as well.  Having friends over was a pleasant distraction from all the excitement for the kids!  We are lucky to have friends that are like family!

– We spent Christmas day at home, just the 5 of us.

– We went to St. Charles the day after Christmas for the Christmas celebration with Mike’s extended family.  Mike’s Aunt, Uncle, and cousins from Arizona were visiting as well as his brother, sister-in-law, and nephew from California.  It was two days of non-stop family time.  Clara, Bo, and Anna were all very excited to meet their baby cousin, Lucca.

– We managed to take down and put away all of our Christmas decorations, inside and outside, so we were ready for the New Year.

– The trio attended Winter Camp at Echo Bluff the last three days of the year.  They had a great time learning to ice skate, roasting marshmallows and popcorn over the campfire, making crafts, and hanging out with friends.

– We rang in the New Year asleep.  However, Mike did make steak on the grill and Jocelyn brought us over some delicious tamales.  We played games with the trio before they went to bed and then ate and watched Newsroom.  We’re exciting like that… 😉

We’ve had a great 2014 and we are looking forward to lots of fun things in 2015!  We still have Christmas to celebrate, we’re heading to my mom’s this weekend.

You can see what we were up to the rest of 2014 as well: November, October, September, August, July, June, May, April, March, February, January.

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