Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014We had a very magical Christmas season.  We started celebrating the day after Thanksgiving by going to see Santa and heading to Medieval Times and our Christmas season officially ended yesterday!

Hippa kept us on our toes with daily to-dos and jokes and we accomplished nearly everything that I put on our “Christmas bucket list” at the beginning of the season.  We made cookies, built a gingerbread village, went caroling, drove around to see the lights, went to parties, and celebrated for an entire month, plus some!

We spent Christmas day at home this year, just the 5 of us.  Mike and I were up early and made it to the front room before anyone was up.  Clara was the first one up for the day, followed by Bo a few minutes later (she stomped on the floor to try to wake him since his room is right under the living room!).  Finally, we couldn’t wait anymore so Mike went in to wake Anna.  We opened stockings and Santa gifts, ate breakfast, and then the kids opened their gifts from us.  We also told the kids about our Disney trip on Christmas morning.  I so enjoyed their joy on Christmas morning and it is truly magical.  I will be sad when they no longer believe!  We spent the rest of the day playing with all the new toys and finding new homes for them. It was also lovely outside so the kids and Mike played outside for awhile and I gave Clara and Anna a Christmas manicure.  It was a fun and relaxing day at home!

The rest of the Christmas season was enjoyable but a bit more hectic.  We attended several parties including an ugly sweater party at the swim team party — celebrated in St. Charles with Mike’s extended family and just returned home yesterday from celebrating with my mom in Olney.

Christmas is officially over and the trio went back to school today.  I’m sad to see their break and the holiday season end, but grateful that we are counting down to our trip in just a few weeks.

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