November 2014 Round-Up

This month we:

-Attended a swim meet at the Y.  We only made it to one this month, but still made it to all of the practices.  Around his birthday, Bo was moved up to Bronze 2 level, so now he is practicing at a different time from Clara and Anna.  Swim keeps us busy!

– We went to Boggio’s to help Mirella celebrate her 7th Birthday!

– I made a run to Spring Valley for breakfast with Laura and Jamie.  It was a nice weekday break!

– Bo continued his piano lessons.  He is still enjoying them.

– I baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies one morning before school with the trio.

– I had meetings.  And worked on papers.  And finished my 2nd Ph.D. course. I’m in my third course now.

– Mike and I went to Vegas with the Hunns!

– Bo had several Boy Scout meetings this month, including one where they decorated cakes.

– Clara and Anna had Girl Scouts twice this month.  One week Clara brought brownies for treats and the other meeting they worked on their cooking badges making some Thanksgiving themed food.  They are really enjoying it.

– We attended the first annual Holiday Beer and Wine Show at Holy Family.  It was an entertaining evening…

– We spent a couple of Sundays at home catching up on chores, cooking, watching the Bears, playing Wii, decorating for Christmas, working in the yard, etc.  It was nice to just be home!

– The trio celebrated Thanksgiving with a special lunch at school.  Clara and Anna dressed up as Native Americans for the lunch.

– Bo celebrated his 7th Birthday!  The highlight was a sleepover at our house with many of his friends from school.

– Battleship became the official game of the Weitl house — beating out Go Fish — after Bo received it for his birthday.

– Clara and Anna performed in their Holiday Dance Recital.  Their song was “It’s a Marshmallow World” and was quite cute.  I volunteered with Jocelyn to stay backstage on Saturday evening and watched the performance on Sunday afternoon.

– I invited a few friends over for breakfast and coffee the morning before Thanksgiving.  I made Sticky Buns and crescent rolls with sausage and cream cheese inside.  It was nice to celebrate “Friendsgiving.”

– I made pumpkin pie, corn casserole, and crescent rolls for our Thanksgiving feast.

– After Thanksgiving lunch we went for a walk and played at the park.  It was 23 degrees out and icy.

– We went to the movies on Thanksgiving afternoon!  The trio saw Penguins of Madagascar and Mike and I saw the first Mockingjay.  It’s the first movie I would say is actually better than the book!

– We took the trio to Medieval Times and to see Santa on Black Friday.

– We went to get our first real tree — and it fell off the car on the way home.  We still managed to get it here in one piece though.  The kids had fun picking a tree!

– In the midst of our Christmas decorating extravaganza, we needed to go to Target and Hobby Lobby so we went to town and then went to dinner at Steak-n-Shake.  The kids were up way past their usual bedtime but they thought our nighttime errands were fun!

– We ended the month by finishing our Christmas decorations and gathering in the front room with all of the Christmas lights on to watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2.  The trio loved both movies and found them hilarious.  Anna was a bit concerned at first — “Where’s his mom?  I don’t like this!” but she liked it by the end!

You can see what we were up to in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, and October!  Lots of Christmas fun planned this month — we are ready for snow, hot chocolate, and Santa!

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