Kicking off the Christmas Season #microblogmondays

Santa 2014We had a great Thanksgiving weekend with the trio.  Mike and I were both off all four days and we started the Christmas season off with lots of fun with the trio.  We went to Medieval Times Black Friday for lunch and they loved the knights, horses, and the action.  Overall, it’s a pretty hokey show, but they really enjoyed it!  The food was all dragon themed — dragon blood soup, dragon claw, baby dragon, etc. which highly amuse them!  After our show, we headed over to Oakbrook Center to visit Santa.  It was very well done and even has a mini-ride as part of the experience.  The visit went very well.  Bo asked for a PS4 with Minecraft, Clara asked for clothes and friends for Violet and a purple Jeep for Violet, Anna asked for a makeup set and a pink Jeep.  Hopefully, Santa can accommodate!  We spent the rest of the weekend decking our halls and even had time yesterday afternoon to watch both Home Alone and Home Alone 2 as a family.  The kids loved both movies! I think it’s official Weitl family is ready for Christmas and in the Christmas spirit this year!

Medieval Times 2014Head over to Stirrup Queens for more #microblogmondays!

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  1. Mel says:

    You definitely look ready for Christmas! Looks like a fun weekend.

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