Big Dreams 2015

My goals for 2014, weren’t all accomplished…  but I didn’t do too badly!   For 2014, I had big plans to run a half-marathon that fell by the wayside.  I actually quit running completely this year and I’ve taken up DDPYoga as my exercise of choice. The truth is, I am just not a runner — at least not at this point in my life.  Maybe one day, but now is not that time!  Sometimes, half the battle is realizing that a goal just isn’t the right one, right now, and that’s the conclusion I came to with running.  Overall though, 2014 was a success and I spent lots of time with my family, had many great experiences with them, started my Ph.D., and continued writing.

My dreams for 2015 still revolve around 5 main focuses:

1. Trio and Mike – Continue to make these four my priority and make everyday count with them and for them.

2. Experiences – As always, new experiences for our family and traveling are on the agenda for this year.  I want to continue giving the kids these experiences and memories.  I also have a bigger (pricier) goal this year — and it’s a backyard pool.  It’s been on my list for a long time, but I’m in the process of researching to make this a reality this year.  The trio is on the swim team and I know they are all good swimmers and ready.  While it might mean we travel a bit less in 2014, I think the fun and joy that will come from this purchase will provide the trio with countless memories and “experiences” for years to come!

3. Health – I’m still working to integrate more and more healthy habits into my life each year.  This year I’m hoping to really focus on drinking more water and continuing to go to DDPYoga classes regularly.  I also hope to walk, ride bikes with the kids, and just be active in general.  I am hoping to cut back on sugar and do a few rounds of the 21-day-fix as well.

4. Ph.D. – I’m on my way with this goal!  This year will just be keeping up with the classwork and papers and continuing to do the best I can.  My ultimate goal is to make this worth the investment of both time and money I’m putting in!

5. Work/Writing –  For work, I have a large project coming up that I hope to give my all and really make a difference in the course I am responsible for.  As far as writing, I think most of that will be focused on Ph.D. research — but I do hope for the blog that I am able to keep up a little better than I did last year.  In 2014, I ended up with a whole list of posts I never wrote — and I’d like to not see that happen this year!

Here’s a list of ideas that are generating for our fun and adventures in 2015.  I’m sure we won’t do all of these items as we didn’t do all of the ones I listed in 2014 — but having a list was nice. :)

Fun in 2015

Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise (February)

?? (Mike and Jamie – March)

Indiana Dunes (July)

Dells (August?)

Denver for Ph.D. Course (Jamie – August?)

Jelly Belly Factory Tour

Pirate’s Cay

Backyard Camp Out

Cornbelters Game

Holiday World

St. Louis Trip – Magic House, Grant’s Farm, Arch, Hunn Family

Play at Huntley Park

Spend the Day at Otter Cove

Hiking at Starved Rock

Day at the Zoo

Utica Wine Festival

Santa’s Village


Ice Cream

Evening Walks

Trips to the Park


Piano Lessons (Bo)

Dance classes (Clara and Anna)

T-Ball (trio)

Summer camp (trio)

Swim Team (trio)

Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts (trio)

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