Boppin’ Bruins #microblogmondays

Anna Clara Boppin Bruins Boppin Bruins

I’m not sure how I managed to birth two girly-girls — but Clara and Anna definitely are!  Anna loves pink, flowers, and all things frilly.  Clara loves her dolls, purple, and dancing.  They both have more coordination in their big toes than I have total.  Since they love dance class so much, I knew they would love cheering — even though it makes me cringe a little…  I signed them up for Boppin’ Bruins this year and they had so much fun.  They love the cheerleaders and really enjoyed the experience.  We did have a bad moment when Anna won an award for “Most Spirited” and Clara didn’t receive an award (ah… twins…), but they still had a great evening.  They cheered during halftime at one of the St. Bede Football games.

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2 Responses to Boppin’ Bruins #microblogmondays

  1. Mel says:

    So cute! I was in a squad like that when I was little. Okay, maybe a little older than that, but my mother still has video of me at age 11 or so, cheering.