Eating Our Way Through New York City

Time is passing by so quickly that I can’t keep up. Just over a month ago, Laura and I were able to sneak away for a few days in New York City. I dubbed it the “Second Annual Kilmartin-Weitl Oglesby Escape.” We may even invite the boys next year…

IMG_6087Day One: Laura picked me up at 1:30 in the morning to head to O’Hare. I’m not sure whose bright idea that was but we won’t be doing that again! 😉 We made it to NYC by 9 am and we had the entire day to explore the city. We started by just walking around and trying to get our barrings and then went to breakfast at Norma’s which was delish.  After breakfast, we hit the Top of the Rock and Bouchon Bakery.  I think Laura thought I was having a panic attack when I spotted Bouchon — I <3 Bouchon.  After our initial explorations, we checked into our hotel and thought we’d attempt to take a nap.  That didn’t end up working out so well!

After we showered and felt a bit refreshed, we headed back out for the evening.  We purchased a Groupon for the Cornerstone Cafe and set out for there.  We walked for what was starting to feel like forever before we gave in and decided to purchase a subway pass.  And then we got lost.  Like no idea where we were lost.  So we finally gave up and took a cab.  It was quite the ordeal.  We had dinner, which wasn’t all that great, but the cannoli for dessert was quite good.  After we ate, we had tickets for Bayside! the Musical.  I thought it was hilarious and it made me want to watch old Saved by the Bell reruns for hours.  I don’t think Laura was quite as impressed.

IMG_6102Day Two: After a less than stellar nights sleep (no AC in the hotel, plus overtired and in a new place) we got a later than usual start and set out on foot again to find breakfast.  We had breakfast at Carnegie Deli which neither of us were super impressed by and then headed to Washington Park to start our cupcake tour.  Of course, we managed to get ourselves lost again but we managed to get there in time.  The cupcake tour was another Groupon we purchased in advance and it was a walking tour of several cupcake shops, a gelato spot, and a cookie shop.  It was neat but not something I’d need to do again.  My favorite cupcake was Molly’s (also in Chicago) and I really loved the cookie.

After the cupcake tour, we headed to Times Square and bought tickets for a play that evening.  We took a break on the red stairs for awhile as our feet were hurting from our miles of walking, and then shopped around Times Square area a bit before grabbing dinner at Shake Shack.  It was delicious!  We headed to the play and afterwards went to the Disney Store by Times Square to buy gifts to bring home to the littles.

IMG_6132Day Three: We started the day out as true tourists.  We found our way to Grand Central Station and went to see the Statue of Liberty.  It should be noted that this trip was my first time in New York City.  I’ve read many, many books set in New York — and of course seen several movies as well — in my mind, it was all some combination of Stacey from The Babysitter’s Club, The Devil Wears Prada, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail.  Needless to say, Laura quickly tired me of me saying, “It just doesn’t look like I thought it would…”

After the Statue of Liberty, we headed to the 9/11 Memorial, did a bit of shopping, and grabbed a slice of pizza for lunch.  Then it was back on the subway to Central Park and we enjoyed one of the best parts of the trip –  a wafel from Wafels and Dinges.  Amazeballs!  We sat in the grass in Central Park while we ate it. For me, it was one of the best parts of the trip!  After walking around Central Park a bit we went to FAO Schwartz (do you see a theme here — food and children’s goods…) and then walked back to Rockefeller Center.  On our way, Laura bought gifts for the kids at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and we also stopped at the Lego Store.  We had dinner at ‘wichcraft and then headed back to our room for a bit.

After we’d called home and talked to everyone, we headed back out to Serendipity 3.  I’ve always wanted to go there — there used to be an ice cream shop in Olney with that name and one of my favorite movies that came out right around the time I fell for Mike is called Serendipity.  We found it, but it wasn’t at all what I had pictured in my mind…  and the wait was almost an hour.  We scrapped that idea and bought a piece of Oreo cheesecake at a cafe that we ate back in our room.

IMG_6156IMG_6145Day Four:  We started with a quick breakfast at the cafe right by our hotel before taking the subway (we finally almost had it figured out — only one wrong train this time!) to NBC studios for a taping of The Dr. Oz Show.  We had decided we wanted to see a taping of something and many shows were off that week because of Spring Break so we ended up with this one.  The week before, they sent out an email asking if anyone was interested in a few different topics to respond to be on the show.  Laura told me to do it, and like the glutton I am, I did.  And so, that is how I ended up on The Dr. Oz Show.  We had to wait awhile to get in and then they took me to a dressing room while Laura had an entirely different experience as a VIP audience member.

I had my hair and makeup done and sat in the dressing room for what felt like forever.  Patience isn’t my biggest virtue.  I couldn’t wear my sweater (too much of a pattern) or my necklace (too much noise with the mic) and on the show, I think I look like I weigh about 200 lbs.  I said my lines, reacted as I was told, and was handled throughout.  It was an interesting experience but I think the takeaway is going to be seeing myself on TV.  It’s time to lose weight — and time to cut back on the Bouchon.  Here’s a link if you want to see Dr. Oz’s advice to me about carbs.  Laura’s right behind me in the audience in the first part of the segment.

After the taping, Laura and I were able to meet back up and we headed to Eataly for pizza and pasta.  Both were sooo good (says the girl who needs to cut back on carbs!).  After our extremely late lunch, we headed to the hotel to change clothes and head to the airport.  We arrived at the airport about 3 hours before our flight was scheduled only to find out that it had already been delayed.  We were both depressed – we were already tired and slated to get home at 1 in the morning as it was — so we weren’t looking forward to an even longer wait.  We both put on our big girl panties though and decided to make the best of it.

We ended up camped out by an outlet at the far end of the terminal (gross airport btw!) and made friends with a nice guy as we shared outlets to charge our phones.  We managed to pass the time in a variety of ways and had pretzels for dinner.  Our rescheduled flight was supposed to leave at 12:30 am.  Laura was tracking the flight and we thought we were going to be good to go —  then, right before the flight was scheduled to board, we found out that the plane was rerouted to Philadelphia (it was raining).  Our flight was completely canceled.  The next one out — Friday.  Our original flight was on Tuesday.  And I had plans to fly to Disney with my family on Thursday.  Um.  Yeah.

We freaked out slightly but managed to pull it together.  I called American Airlines (thank you, Citi AAdvantage miles!) and had us on the first flight out the next morning.  The airport setup cots in a long hallway and we attempted (mostly unsuccessfully) to catch a few winks.  It was a bit ridiculous.

IMG_6159Luckily, our American flight had no issues (Laura and I both slept the entire flight) and we made it home around 10:30 on Wednesday morning.  I had to work that day and Mike and I were leaving for Disney at 4:30 the next morning with the trio.  It was a pretty crazy day!

While Laura and I were gone, Mike took the trio to an Easter egg hunt at the local Elks and his parents came down and they worked on the basement remodel.  These are some of the pictures Mike sent me while I was gone.  Obviously, they were having a horrible time in my absence… 😉


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