April 2014 Round-Up

This month was a busy one for the Weitl clan!

– I went to a few DDP Yoga classes.  I’m really enjoying it!  Doesn’t everyone deserve donuts after yoga?!?

– I had lots of conference calls and instructor calls.

– Mike is having issues with his car so we were down to one car for most of the month.  His car was drivable to get the kids to school, but that’s about it.  Needless to say, I’m getting used to being on house arrest!

– While the kids were at piano and dance on a Wednesday, I was able to sneak a few minutes at the mall to have my eyebrows done and try the new frozen yogurt spot in the mall.  Mike and I also ran some errands with Bo at Hobby Lobby and Target.

– We are remodeling the basement — well, Mike and his parents are (I’m a certified non-builder) — and Mike and I did some shopping for a new mattress, carpeting for the kids’ rooms, etc. We also had to do some shopping for the Easter Bunny.

– We had a family dinner at the Kilmartins.  Pizza, brownies, and fruit were enjoyed by all.

– The trio had a group from China visit their school. They thought it was pretty neat.

– We had the Cetwinski’s over for dinner.  Jen brought meatballs and the kids had fun playing while the grown-ups chatted.

– We colored Easter eggs a bit early this year due to our travels, but had fun doing it.

– Bo went to Cade’s for a playdate one afternoon.  While Bo was there, Josie came over to play with the girls.

– Abby watched the trio on a Saturday evening so Mike and I could have a date night.  We went to Skoog’s Steakhouse for dinner and went to see the movie Divergent.

– After the movie, Mike left me at Applebee’s to meet with Jocelyn, Jamie, and Laura about school club.  We eventually moved our meeting to McDonalds.  I’m not sure what the four of us were thinking when we decided to do this!  It was a late night.

– Jim and Sherri were here several weekends to work on Bo’s new bedroom downstairs.

– Playing with neighborhood kids is slowly starting — Bo spent one afternoon running around with Carson, Chase, and Gino.  Our neighborhood is going to be quite the kid zone!

– I got my hair cut and colored — with some springy new highlights.

– Jen and I walked one morning before I had to work.

– Mike met Derek at the driving range one afternoon.

– Laura and I had our second annual “Oglesby Escape” trip to NYC.  I’ll write about our trip in a different post but we ate a ton, saw a few shows, explored and managed to get lost a lot, and I was on Dr. Oz.  We also slept at LaGuardia — which was less fun — but overall, the trip was a success.

– While I was gone, the trio had fun with Mike, Grandpa, and Grandma.  Mike took them to the annual Oglesby Easter Egg Hunt and then they were able to “help build” in the new area while Mike’s parents were here.

– Bo celebrated the Last Supper at school with his rockin’ guitar bathrobe. 😉

– We surprised the trio with a trip during their Spring Break to Walt Disney World! (I’ll link to the post when it’s written.)  We had so much fun!

– When we came home, Anna was sick.  🙁

– We unpacked and Mike headed to the Verizon store for a new phone.  His phone went swimming at the resort.

– Bo had T-ball practice.  Clara and Anna skipped practice to go to Josie’s dress-up birthday party.

– Bo had a playdate with Braylin at our house.  Clara and Anna enjoyed playing with him too.

– Our basement floor was dug up for the new basement bathroom.

– Laura helped me out by taking the kids to school a few days towards the end of the month while Mike’s car was being worked on.  With six kids she had a full minivan!

– Clara ended up home from school two days because she was sick.  She missed her physical (rescheduled for June) and her class field trip to the zoo.

– Mike took Bo and Anna to their physicals.  They are both doing well.  Anna’s a light-weight, but she’s just probably going to be petite.

– While I was home with a sick Clara, Mike took Anna to the zoo on her field trip.  They rode with Jocelyn and Mason.  I was sad that Clara and I had to miss it but she just wasn’t up to it.  Mike’s promised to take her to the zoo, just the two of them, sometime soon.

– Mike barely made it home from the field trip before both he and I ended the month of April with a bang – we were both sick.  I think the kids ate animal crackers for dinner on Wednesday night.  We were both too sick to really notice.  🙁 We are still recovering.

You can also see what we were up to in January, February, and March.

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