Christmas Break {Part 3}: Wilderness Resort at the Wisconsin Dells {Sponsored Post}

I realize that there isn’t a post labeled Christmas Break {Part 2}.  I glossed over the highlights of the second part of our break in my December Round-Up post. We didn’t do anything exciting on New Year’s Day except pack so we could head to the Wisconsin Dells on Wednesday the 2nd.

We met our good friends, the Kilmartin’s, at the Wilderness Resort for two nights.  Laura, Derek, Abby, Cade, and Cara were the perfect traveling companions. 🙂  *Many thanks to Laura for allowing me to use some of her photos as well!*

The Weitl clan made it to the Dells right around lunch time so we ate a quick bite at Moose Jaw before heading to the resort.  After waiting in line to check-in, the young lady I dealt with was very nice.  Check-in seemed to take a long time and she said that my room would be ready in about 10 minutes and they would text me the room number when it was available.  We drove over to the doors by where our room was located and waited but after 30 minutes there was no text.  By that point, we’d met up with the Kilmartins so we decided to let the kids play in the Timberland Playhouse (really neat area for kids with ball pits, indoor climbing structures, etc.) while we waited for our room.

Around 3:00, I still hadn’t received a text, so I sent Mike to the desk to ask.  Our room was ready and they gave him new keys so we could check-in.  I never did receive any type of text.  I realize that they don’t promise check-in until 4:00 and it was okay if the room wasn’t ready, but I shouldn’t have been told it was going to be ready in 10 minutes and that I would receive a text if that wasn’t the case!  Laura did receive a text that her room was ready at around 3:00.

By 3:30 we were all in our swimsuits and headed to one of the four indoor waterparks with our six kids in tow.  That afternoon we checked out Klondike Kavern.  It is a 65,000-square-foot indoor waterpark that offers The Hurricane waterslide, lazy river, two 500 foot waterslides that drop 5 stories, a body slide, an indoor/outdoor hot spa, and Bonanza Bluff.  Bonanza Bluff was the hit with our families.  It includes 50 play and spray features, a 750-gallon tipping bucket, a 14 foot body slide and 2 4-foot side by side slides.  All of the kids (well, except Cara — she wasn’t so sure of that big tipping bucket) were thrilled and loved Bonanza Bluff.  I took Clara and Anna around the lazy river and a friendly lifeguard helped me find the perfect tube to transport the two of them.  Bo and I made several swings around the lazy river together also that afternoon.

Around dinner time, we headed back to our room to change before eating at the Wild Canyon Cafe.  We were seated immediately and our waiter was attentive.  The restaurant has a buffet and kids eat free.  I’m not a fan of buffet and originally planned to order off the menu, but after seeing it, decided to give it a whirl.  The food (especially for buffet food) was very good and we all left fat and happy.  I think the kids ate about 4 pounds of Jell-O.  My favorite was the mashed potatoes.

Cade, Bo, Abby, Clara, Anna, and Cara before dinner. This is what posing six kids between the ages of 6 and 1 and taking a photo with a phone looks like! ;)

After dinner, we played some games at the Mega Arcade.  (I spotted a former fair queen in the Deal or No Deal Game!)  The kids enjoyed the games and Bo and Cade were especially taken by a roller coaster simulator.  It wasn’t long before it was bedtime and we all headed up to put the kids to bed.  Laura and I stayed in our rooms and texted each other while the kiddos fell asleep.  Mike and Derek headed to the bar where they hung out and watched the Illini game kid-free.

We were up bright and early the next morning and had breakfast in our room before exploring the Wild Water Dome.  There wasn’t any sun while we were there but apparently the roof allows tanning indoors!  The highlight of the dome is the largest indoor wave pool.   There is also a zero depth play lagoon and the Dueling Mammoths waterslide.  Our bunch loved the zero depth area.  Anna was afraid of the waves and I took Bo out on a tube and he wasn’t thrilled by them either.  I thought it was fun, but we were towards the middle of the pool so the waves would break and we ended up with lots of water in our faces!  I think they will enjoy the waves more when they are older.

We left five of the kids with Derek (poor guy!) and Laura, Mike, and I took Abby on the Dueling Mammoth waterslide.  I can’t remember the last time I was on a large waterslide so I was slightly scared, but Abby was terrified and did not end up being a fan.  Laura, Mike, and I all enjoyed it!  We stayed in the Waterdome for lunch and bought food from Tommy Knockers Watering Hole.  The food was standard fare.  Nothing to write home about, but definitely edible and fine.

After we ate, we headed back to our rooms so that Cara could nap and the rest of our bunch could have a bit of downtime.  Once Cara was up, we headed to The Wild West Waterpark.  The kids spent most of their time on Ransack Ridge, a six-level, free-standing play feature with two body slides, a tipping bucket, water blasters, etc. The park also features The Fantastic Voyage, a four-person raft ride that takes guests on an exciting journey through twisting and turning tunnel ways. This park also has 4 speed slides, an indoor/outdoor hot spa and bumper boats!

Clara spent most of her time on the small slide in the kiddie area, but Anna teamed up with Abby and together they went down the body slides on Ransack Ridge at least 20 times.  Bo went down those slides a few times, but his highlight was a trip on the Fantastic Voyage with Mike.  I was worried he’d be scared but Clara and I were waiting at the bottom for them and they were both all smiles when their raft emerged from the tunnel.  He loved it!  I would say that this waterpark was my trio’s favorite.

We headed back to the room to change for dinner and drove the short distance to eat at Monk’s which is on the Wilderness property.  The service was good and the food was tasty.  The kid’s meal were served on keepsake frisbees, which was a neat twist.  After dinner, we headed back to a different arcade area.  Abby and Mike attempted the Northern Lights Sky Ropes course as well.  By the time we headed back to the room, my trio was done and very ready for bed.

After our kiddos were all tucked into bed, Laura and I sneaked out — leaving Mike and Derek on kid duty.  We decided to tackle a few waterslides — there were a few issues (namely many of the slides being shut down due to a puke incident) but we made the best of it and managed to test out a few of the slides before heading back up to the room.

Mike, the trio, and I left early on Friday morning but the Kilmartins were brave and tried out the indoor mini-golf courses and the 4th indoor waterpark – Cubby’s Cove, before heading back.

Overall, we had a great time!  It was a fun mini-vacation and a great way to get away for a few days over the break and have some fun with the kids and our friends.  The waterparks were great and if the purpose of the trip is to spend time in the waterparks this is the perfect resort.  Our room was ample size and easily accommodated the five of us.  We utilized the fridge and microwave for snacks and breakfast items.  The overall quality of the room was fine, but it wasn’t anything to brag about.  However, if asked if I would stay here again, the answer is definitely yes — the waterparks are worth it!

***The Wilderness Territory provided the hotel room for our first night and gave us a discounted rate for our second night.  All opinions, commentary, and thoughts are mine.***

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4 Responses to Christmas Break {Part 3}: Wilderness Resort at the Wisconsin Dells {Sponsored Post}

  1. Carrie says:

    Shoot – I would take a free night at any of the Dells water parks. Indoor water parks are so much fun, and everyone is worn out by bed time – an even bigger plus in my book!

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  4. Ted Exley says:

    What a wonderful way to spend Christmas break! This Wisconsin resort looks like such a wonderful place for a family vacation! Thanks for sharing your experience.

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