Bo’s Day Out

Monday was a pretty amazing day.  I let Bo skip school to have a special day out.  After I dropped the girls off at school (they were surprisingly agreeable about Bo having a day with Mom), we met up with my friend Jen and her son, Riley, and drove to the Bass Pro Shop in Peoria.

I had never been to a Bass Pro Shop until Jen took me to one in the suburbs when we were Christmas shopping this year.  What a neat place!  The one in Peoria had several games and activities as well as Santa, an aquarium, and a neat restaurant called the “Fish Bowl” that has an aquarium, restaurant, and bowling alley combined.

For some reason, both boys didn’t want to see Santa to begin with — but eventually we convinced them it was a good idea. Bo has been consistent with his wish list and Santa visits — two little Lego sets — the mine and the passenger train. Luckily, I think he’s been good enough and Santa has been listening. Bo thought the entire place was neat and was in heaven. We will definitely be taking Mike, Clara, and Anna back there soon.

After visiting with Santa, playing a few games, and watching the fish for a few minutes, we ventured into the Fish Bowl for lunch. The food was good and the atmosphere was fun and upbeat. Perfect for an outing with 5-year-old boys. After we ate, I let Bo pick out Christmas gifts for Mike, Clara, and Anna. After having to tell him no to pink shotguns and pink ride-on ponies, Bo picked animal purses for the girls. Anna’s is a tree frog and Clara’s is an owl. I’m sure they will love them. I can’t share what he picked for Mike — but let’s just say I’m not so sure he will love it… We had to head home shortly after that so that we could be home in time to pick up the girls from school, but we had a great time!

We picked up the girls and once their backpacks were unpacked and they were settled, I ran downstairs to check my email since I’d been out playing all day. I was both thrilled and surprised to find that I was offered a full-time position with one of the universities I currently teach for starting in mid-January. I interviewed for this position nearly 2 months ago so I wasn’t expecting to see that email. I’m thrilled and nervous to be starting back to work full-time, but it definitely capped off a amazing day. Fun with my little guy and a job offer? Who can beat that for a random Monday in December. 🙂

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3 Responses to Bo’s Day Out

  1. mrshiggison says:

    How exciting for you!

    And how exciting for Bo to get alone time with his momma:) I think that’s the kind of stuff that turns boys into such loving husbands one day. Well done!

  2. If Bass Pro was closer than 1.5 hours we would go nearly every weekend. My kids LOVE it there, and simply want to walk around. I can’t believe you have never taken Bo yet!

    So, with the new job, does this mean you are stepping back from all the others?

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