All the money in the world…

Between the latest book I’ve been reading before bed and the current craze over the Mega Millions jackpot, I’ve found myself daydreaming about how I’d use the money if I had “all the money in the world…”  <I swear I’ve written a post like this before, but I can’t find it, so you’ll have to deal with this one.>  Really, none of my goals are too far out there.  And I wouldn’t tell anyone that I won either!  Here’s the Top Ten things I’d do immediately if I suddenly had all the money in the world:

1. Add an office and deck to our house.  And a new dining room table.  And granite counter tops.  And buy the lot next door.  And maybe build a new house while we’re living in this one.

2. Buy Mike a new car.  I’d probably get a new car too, but I don’t really need one.  Not that I really “need” any of this…

3. Buy a beach house to spend a month in every summer.

4. Donate all of my clothes and start over.

5. Never sell at the resale or have a garage sale again. 

6. Have a tummy tuck.

7. Get a bid for a pool.  (I’m not ready to have one in my yard yet.)

8. Travel more.

9. Pay for our friends’ kids to go to college (this is Mike’s idea – not sure how we’d manage that without telling people we were miraculously rich).

10. Have Mike quit his job to manage our money (and play with the kids) full-time.

Have you bought your lottery ticket?  What would you do with a sudden windfall?

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10 Responses to All the money in the world…

  1. Carrie says:

    1. Pay off all debt
    2. Purchase Cody a newer vehicle
    3. Have Cody quit the military
    4. Purchase a forever home
    5. Divide money for the kids to go to college
    6. Go on a honeymoon
    7. Donate to a couple of charities
    8. Tummy tuck

  2. Rachel says:

    Buy a new house on some land.
    Start traveling to see one of my siblings every month.
    Take M to Ireland.
    Let M quit work to start his auto restoration business, after he goes to that school in Kansas that teaches him how.

  3. Lisa says:

    I’d donate some of the money to my daughter’s school.

  4. Melisa says:

    I’d finish paying for my two sons’ college education, buy a condo in the city (Chicago), buy a winter home in a warm climate, hire Bob Harper to come and personal train me twice a week, give a chunk of the money to my sister and parents, and TRAVEL.

  5. R.Marsh says:

    1. Pay off all debts.
    2. Redo our house & add on. Starting with the kitchen of my dreams.
    3.Start a foundation to help couples who can’t afford IVF.
    4.Quit “real” work and do Stampin’ Up! full time.
    5. Buy a house on a lake in WI for fishing and family time.
    6. Get new vehicles.
    7. Go with my best girlfriends on a 2 week vacation every year. Just us no Hubby’s or kids.
    8. Send my Husband on the exotic hunting trip he dreams of.
    9. Buy my Dad a fishing boat.
    10. Help parents with the costs of funeral and burial of their infants and children.
    11. Go back every year on our Anniversary to Mexico where we were married.
    12. Give to my church to support the general budget.

  6. We would pay off all debt, including the house.
    Do all the upgrades/fixes on the house that we want.
    New cars for both of us.
    New clothes for all of us.
    We’d give a certain amount to all our sisters and brothers and my husband’s parents. (Since my sister is not alive any more, her money would go to my nephew.)
    A Lake house
    My husband not working anymore
    Of course college funds and investing.

  7. Amber says:

    1. Buy a vacation home
    2. Travel to Hawaii and Australia
    3. Set aside money for college for the kids
    4. Donate more…to church and cancer research

    Not sure what else, but these are the ones off the top of my head. I’d like to hope that my lifestyle wouldn’t change.

  8. Aunt Manny says:

    I would buy a vacation home next to yours so our kids can play in your pool 🙂

  9. Ellen K. says:

    I haven’t bought a ticket (yet), but I would immediately call a plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck and b. lift consult.

    Also I’d get new wood windows for our house, which would cost about $30K because the house is old and none of the frames are perfectly square anymore.

    And then I’d upgrade my house’s security system, because now random people would know I won the lottery.

    And I’d go shoe shopping, because my feet grew during pregnancy but I haven’t enough money to restock my shoe wardrobe.

    And… I guess I had better run out and buy a ticket!

  10. Rebecca S. says:

    We live a short 5 minute walk from the beach. You are welcome here any time!

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