Embryo Adoption: Here We Go

On January 22, 2009 (one year tomorrow!) Anna and Clara were transfered to my uterus and I became pregnant.  It’s amazing to look at them today and realize that they were just a tiny cluster of cells a year ago.
Without a shadow of a doubt, I know our family is complete.  However, we still have three embryos remaining.  We’ve researched our options, talked about our thoughts and feelings regarding the embryos, and ultimately decided that we couldn’t give up the potential for life that these embryos hold.  As Mike and I look at our children, it is easy to remember a time when we didn’t know if they would ever be a reality. It’s easy to remember our willingness to do anything and everything to become pregnant.  In early November, I published a blog post inquiring for a family seeking to expand their family through open embryo adoption.  We want to help another family become complete.

Last week, I received an email from Jasmine* who had found my post.  Jasmine lives on the East Coast with her husband, Ken* and their daughter, Nina*.   We exchanged several emails and soon discovered we have similar thoughts and philosophies regarding open embryo adoption and how we would like to handle the situation.  Jasmine sent photos of her family.  And as soon as I saw them, I knew.

I knew that they are the right family for our embryos.  Many people do not understand my “feelings” but 9 times out of 10, my gut instinct is correct and whatever strange prediction I have, comes true.  This was one of those times.  I just knew.

Jasmine reminds me a lot of myself.  She is proactive and quickly started the ball rolling (contacting the clinic, finding an attorney) to accomplish tasks that we need to pursue before this dream can become a reality.  We’ve talked about how we will handle this situation with any potential children that may result from the embryos.  We’ve talked about how we will handle it with our current children.  We’ve discussed how open we want the adoption to be and what we’ll be willing to do when the children are older.  We’ve all thought about the impact this will have on our families.  And I feel 100% comfortable.  Because just through Jasmine’s words, I know that her ultimate goal is the same as mine — to have happy, healthy children.

It truly is phenomenal to see our infertility journey come full circle.  From struggling to become pregnant ourselves and researching every option — to 5 IVF cycles to produce Bo and that 1 perfect cycle to produce the girls — and now with three embryos left to be able to help another family to create a sibling (or 2, or 3!) for their miracle daughter.  It’s amazing.  I’m reminded every day of what a wonderful gift we’ve been given and how hard we worked for our children.  To be able to help another family is proof to me, yet again, that this was the path we were meant to travel down.  Infertility isn’t something I’d wish on my worst enemy but it’s changed my life.  And many of those changes have been positive.

I do hope to share some of this journey here with you.  Jasmine and Ken have agreed to allow me to blog about our experience using pseudonymous for their family.  We are still early in the process but I have talked to my clinic and they are researching the FDA regulations for human tissues that we will need and Jasmine has contacted a lawyer who specializes in reproductive issues to begin drafting the needed paperwork for this type of an open adoption.

So here we go…

My gut says this is going to work.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the recipient family.

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25 Responses to Embryo Adoption: Here We Go

  1. Baby Smiling In Back Seat says:

    That's great! Good luck to all of you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congrats—this sounds exciting for both families–will be interesting to see how everything goes—Good Luck to everybody–Kathy H

  3. Sadia says:

    Amazing. How wonderfully generous of you. I'm glad you found a family for your embryos.

  4. sky girl says:

    Wow!! This is amazing. I do hope that you are able to blog about it as it happens.

  5. Sunny says:

    COOL!! What an excellent decision. Looking forward to following along.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow that is really awesome. I wish that I had some to donate to give another couple the opportunity but I had none left after my last cycle.

  7. MissMVK says:

    Wow wow wow, Jamie!!! You and Mike are incredibly generous. Jasmine and her family are very lucky you are willing to travel down this path!

  8. Jacquie says:

    That truly is an amazing gift.

  9. Carrie27 says:

    This type of decision is not the same from one family to the next, but I think like you said, you just knew it was right for you and your family. It's an amazing gift you are going to give this family, and I hope that it is everything and more for them and you.

  10. Mrs. Hope says:

    I think this is just a great example of the infertile community helping each other. I hope it works for the family.

    Congrats on being DONE with this part of your life.

  11. Kristi says:

    You and Mike are just amazing people. I've never met you in person, and yet I think I can honestly say that your gift to this couple is one of the most selfless decisions I've ever encountered. I hope you're able to blog about this, because I can't wait to follow your story. The world needs more people just like you.

  12. flmgodog says:

    That is amazing. I am excited for you, your family and the family of the embryo adoption. What a wonderful thing. I am interested to hear how this all unfolds. Keep blogging about it!

  13. Shannon says:

    I think it is great. I know someone who just had a baby through Embryo adoption, and it is a dream come true for this family. I believe when embryos are created they should be used for their intended purpose, which is to make a baby–or at least be given a chance to develop. I have never heard of an open-embryo adoption, but I am so happy you have found another family you feel so confident about. Some people may say that it will be too complicated for the children some day…I say life is complicated. Some peoples' lives are complicated because of divorce or sickness, etc. In this case, these children will have more people to love them…that's one kind of complication everyone could use more of. I look forward to following this part of your journey and wish those little snow flake babies all the best.

  14. Hopeful Mother says:

    Fantastic that you have come to a decision that is right for you and your family! And Jasmine and Ken's family!

    We decided to donate our embryos to research, and that was the "right" thing for us – but I am truly happy that you have found a good fit for your wishes. I will be interested to read about how things unfold. What a great gift.

  15. Ashley says:

    That is amazing! I hope everything works out, and the couple receiving your embys will be blessed with a family. I know what it feels like to want a family sooo bad, it doesn't matter what you have to do to get it. I am sooo happy that this couple is getting a chance!

  16. Bridget says:

    congrats to the new receiving family. and congrats to you and mike for deciding pro-life. that's wonderful. as well as i know you, i am completely convinced that you are making the right decision. i can't wait to read the future blogs about the process. 😉

  17. Rachel says:

    This sounds like an adventure. I am glad you were able to help another family.

  18. Kristin says:

    I am so happy for everyone involved.

  19. Lilith Silvermane says:

    YAY… how wonderful. Your post almost brought tears to my eyes, how luck these little embryos are… and they don't even know it yet.

    Lucky families to have even more little ones possible!

  20. JM says:

    What an awesome and fitting decision you all have made here. I hope that everything works out, good luck!

  21. Twincubator says:

    That is an amazing gift, especially since you have such beautiful babies. 🙂

  22. Jen says:

    Congrats!!! Our twins, were born two weeks ago because of the miracle open Embryo Adoption. This is such an amazing gift for all involved!!!

    Please feel free to check out my blog: JensAdoptionBlessings.blogspot.com.

    Best of Luck!!!

  23. blessedmomto8 says:

    How WONDERFUL that you have a great match! I am 18 weeks pregnant with my sweet adopted embie. You are giving a WONDERFUL gift!

  24. 3Babes2Jens1Cause says:

    I hope you don't mind us including your blog on our blog. It is rare we get to read about things on a blog from the embryo donors perspective! You are a blessing!

    2 Jens

  25. Angela says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey thru this side of things! Our donor Mom is also working on something for us to post. It is so helpful for those considering "what" to do! Thank you! Thank you!

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