March 2014 Round-Up

This month we:

- Bo attended Riley’s 7th Birthday party at his house.  It was a basketball theme and Bo really enjoyed it, even though Riley was the only one of the boys that he had met before.

- The trio went to the Fess’s for a playdate with Luke and Harrison.  While they were having fun Mike and I went out to lunch and ran errands at Target and Aldi.

- We attended Kindergarten Open House for Clara and Anna.  Bo enjoyed it too!  Afterwards, we picked up Subway and the Kilmartin’s came over for dinner.

- I hosted Laura, Jocelyn, and Bonnie for coffee one morning.  It was nice to sit and chat for a little while before work.

- I started having to make more phone calls for work to instructors that I’m working with — since I hate the phone, this isn’t my favorite task, but I’m making it happen.

- Bo continued with his piano lessons on Wednesdays.  He’s enjoying it!  His homework is tricky since neither Mike nor I have any idea how to play the piano.

- Clara and Anna are continuing to enjoy dance class on Wednesdays.  They are looking forward to their big recital in May.

- I met Laura and Cara at the mall to walk one morning.  It ended up being a comedy of errors!

- Clara and Anna are enjoying show-n-tell at school.  Some of the items they choose to take really amuse me.  They have one day each week where they can take anything they choose and then the other day is a theme day based on the letter they are studying for the week.  For L day, they took a ladle and a light up Easter light.

- We went to Olney for a weekend to visit with Mom and see Aunt Manny and Baby Mack.  Mike and I both went running while we were there — the weather was perfect

- Mom took us out to dinner at the Steakhaus while were were there.  I can’t remember the last time I was there!  Georgia went with us and was amused by our crazy kiddos.

- While we were in Olney we also met up with Mandy, Chris, and Mack at Burger King so the kiddos could play.  On Saturday evening, Mandy and I managed to escape for a few hours at the Gypsy to talk about all the things we never get to talk about anymore.

- We left Olney early on Sunday so Bo could get back in time for Carson’s birthday party.  Derek took Bo and picked him up.

-Jim and Sherri came down and started measuring for Bo’s new room early in the month and last weekend started construction on our basement remodel.  When it’s all done, Bo will have his own room and bathroom, there will be a wine cellar, exercise room, and another bathroom — in addition to the family room and guest room that is already there.  It’s going to be quite the project, but I’m sure it will all be worth it when it’s done.

- Bo had a hoodie and jean day at school.  He had to turn in Lotto tickets for the Lotto tree at Trivia night.

- Jen and I walked outside this month — even though it was cold.  We walked my neighborhood several mornings, chatting the entire time.

- Laura and I had one of our typical evenings out — complete with Red Lobster and Target before attending the school club meeting for the month.  Afterwards, Jocelyn, Jamie, and Laura came over so we could work on school club planning.

- Laura and Cara came over several mornings during the month — to chat and so I could walk Laura through some of the tasks for her new job.

- Clara and Anna had two days off of school for Parent/Teacher Conferences and Bo had half days on those days.  It was nice to have them home.

- We took Bo to get his passport renewed.  And I worked on planning trips.  Let’s just say that I’m already well into 2015 and the kids are going to love their Christmas gift!

- We traded off with the Kilmartin’s to attend Parent/Teacher Conferences and had pizza at our house.  All three are doing well and there were no surprises.  We did make the decision to send Clara and Anna to Kindergarten next year as well.

- Mike’s Great Uncle Bob passed away which meant a whirlwind trip for the funeral.

- We had a movie night with the trio to watch the Incredibles.  We didn’t finish it on Friday evening so we promised them a donut party on Saturday morning as we finished it.  They thought that was amazing!

- We met Jim and Sherri at Starved Rock for lunch and they took the trio overnight so Mike and I could go to Trivia Night at school.  While the trio was gone, we also packed for Disney and ran errands to buy some items we needed for our vacation.  Keeping our trip a surprise is kind of challenging!

- We went to the Pink Chihuahua for dinner with Laura, Derek, Jamie, Victor, Jocelyn, and Ricardo.  Afterwards, we had a table at Trivia Night.  There may have been too much Leprechaun juice consumed.  To the point that two categories that I should have nailed (Presidents and Tom Hanks movies) were much more difficult than they needed to be!  Laura, Derek, Jocelyn, and Ricardo came back to our house afterwards until 1 am.  It was a fun evening!

- Mike and I went grocery shopping and ran a few errands on Sunday before meeting Jim, Sherri, and the trio for lunch at Hank’s Farm in Ottawa to celebrate Sherri’s Birthday.  We had never been there and it was a fun place.  The kids enjoyed the buffet and there were peacocks and other animals to see.  There were also little stores and a neat costume shop.  Neat find that isn’t too far away.

- Clara and Anna went to Luke Fess’s Birthday party that Sunday afternoon.  Bo stayed home with me and we did his piano homework and relaxed a bit.

- Mike took his car in because of wheel issues.  It isn’t really drivable so I’ve just been using it to get the kids the few blocks to school.

- Jamie, Jocelyn, Laura and I met with the principal at school about school club. Looks like the four of us will be officers next year…

- Mike had to work late a few days because of wall work that was being done.  One evening, the trio and I picked up Culver’s and we ate in his office.  It was quite the adventure.

- Laura came over one evening so we could walk through some of her work tasks. And talk, of course.

- I had meetings.  And conference calls.  And more meetings about projects.

- I did well with exercising this month — lots of walking, elliptical, a few runs, Body Pump, and I started DDP Yoga.

- We had a Mom’s Night Out at Olive Garden. Laura picked me up and we walked at the mall for awhile beforehand.  Our group consisted of Jamie, Jocelyn, Michelle, Amanda, and Kate.

- On the food blog, I made Crockpot Beef and Barley Soup and Double Chocolate Banana Bread.  Both are delicious!  Mike and I also received Blue Apron for most of the month and enjoyed making the meals together and trying some new things.

- I made cupcakes for the Father/Daughter dance at school.  We spent the day getting ready and Mike took Clara and Anna.  They had fun.

- While Mike and the girls were at the Father/Daughter dance Bo and I had our own date at Steak-n-Shake.

- I’ve started cleaning things for the garage sale and for the remodeling project.  What a mess!  I’m not sure how we manage to continually acquire so much crap!  I blame the children…

- We took the trio to Derek’s school to play in the gym with Abby, Cade, and Cara.  Afterwards, we went on a drive and got Shamrock Shakes.

- The trio has finally been able to play outside.  They are loving it!  We are so glad that Spring is here!

- We had our first hamburgers on the grill of the year.  Bo ate two before Mike and I could even sit down!

- Bo, Clara, and Anna were thrilled to go to aftercare one afternoon when I had a meeting.

- We had another movie night — we watched Epic and had a dinner of popcorn, cheese, and crackers in the front room.  Sometimes the simplest pleasures are so much fun.

- We setup the Wii in the front room upstairs since we are remodeling the basement and selling the TV from downstairs.  I’m sure that will end up being fun!

- We took the trio for haircuts and drove to Princeton to eat lunch at Monicals.

March was a pretty low-key month for us — April won’t be though!

You can see what we were up to in January and February too!

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