Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween from the Weitl trio!  They celebrated Halloween at school on Wednesday and are looking forward to Trick or Treating tonight, despite the blustery weather.  They picked their own costumes this year (Anna had a bit of nudging…).  Clara won scariest costume and Anna won best costume in their age group at the Monster Splash swim meet last weekend.  They both received trophies which Bo wasn’t super thrilled about…  I’m sure tonight is going to be cold, but it should still be fun!

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2014 Holy Family Shuffle

*Thank you to the trio’s principal, Jyll Jasiek, for the great photos I pilfered from Facebook. On October 4th, the trio’s school hosted their annual Holy Family Shuffle.  I worked the event this year and the trio was able to … Continue reading

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Summer Fun Fest #microblogmondays

On June 29th, we took the trio to Oglesby’s Summer Fun Fest.  The weekend of Summer Fest is always the garage sale weekend and this is the second year in a row that Laura and I have manned a garage … Continue reading

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First Day of School 2014 #microblogmondays

Bo, Clara, and Anna started school on August 18th.  Clara and Anna, although only 4 at the time, started Kindergarten, and Bo, 6, started First Grade.  Clara and Anna are the youngest in their class but we decided last year … Continue reading

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September 2014 Round-Up

And just like that, another month has passed… This month we: – Drove home from Iowa and spent Labor Day mowing, playing outside with the kids, and returning our house to normal after being gone for the weekend. – We … Continue reading

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Clara & Anna are 5! #microblogmondays

We are coming down off a busy and fun birthday weekend! The highlight of the weekend was a party/sleepover for 11 girls (8 were here all night) and while the noise level was a bit loud at times, the girls … Continue reading

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Soccer Champs!

Congratulations to Bo, Clara, Anna, and their team for coming in 1st in their Kindergarten and First Grade Soccer Division in Spring Valley!  While I don’t think that soccer will be a lifelong passion for any of them, they all … Continue reading

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Dance Camp #microblogmondays

Clara and Anna just started their second year of dance classes.  This year, they are taking tap, ballet, and tumbling on Monday evenings.  As an individual with two left feet, it consistently surprises me how well they do — they … Continue reading

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My Favorites #microblogmondays

This photo is from our trip to the Indiana Dunes over the 4th of July.  I love it.  My four favorite people in the whole world all piled up.  It’s a framer.  I had a very good weekend with these … Continue reading

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Echo Bluff #microblogmondays

In June, Bo, Clara, and Anna attended a Day Camp at Echo Bluff.  They had an amazing week and one of the many activities was ziplining.  The counselors took pictures and video throughout the week and I loved seeing what … Continue reading

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