Christmas Letter 2014

Christmas Card 2014 FrontDear Friends and Family,

For those of you that have clicked through from your Christmas card, thank you for taking the time to stop by the blog.  I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to since our lives are so full, but it is a good and productive full! I decided to take back over our Christmas letter this year since it’s becoming more difficult to put words in the trio’s mouths these days…

Mike and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in February!  What a whirlwind it’s been!  Our 10th year of marriage was filled with many exciting adventures together and with Bo, Clara, and Anna.

Bo is 7 and started 1st Grade this year and is taking piano lessons and is a Tiger Cub Scout.  He loves school and is really enjoying reading and math.  He has Mike’s sense of humor!

Clara and Anna turned 5 in September!  Clara started Kindergarten this year and loves coloring, writing, dancing, and has maintained her sweet demeanor.  Anna also started Kindergarten this year.  She loves all foods made with sugar, crafting, and dancing.

The trio all played t-ball and soccer on the same team this year and had fun.  They also joined the swim team this Fall and are enjoying the practices and meets so far.  All of their activities keep us on our toes!  They are attending a local private school and we are all very happy there.  They have great teachers and a wonderful principal who doubles as a photographer and took our Christmas card pictures.  I just love them!

One big change for Clara and Anna this year is that in July they moved to their own rooms!  Mike and his parents have been working to remodel our basement in what has become an ongoing project.  This year they added a new room for Bo downstairs and a new guest bathroom.  Mike and his parents spent many weekends on this project over the last year.

I am finding parenthood more and more fun as the trio grows older.  When I imagined having kids, this age is the age I pictured!  Busy days filled with school, homework, practices — and weekends filled with adventures, swim meets, board games, puzzles, movies, and reading together.  Oh sure, there are piles of laundry, late nights working after the kids are asleep, days when Mike and I feel like we are just ships passing in the wind, and the constant battle for the trio to find their gloves or put their shoes on or stop arguing with each other… all the normal working parents of three kids issues — but for the most part we are happy, healthy, and couldn’t be more blessed!

We had many adventures this year — Mike and I took a trip to Madrid, Spain, to celebrate our anniversary in February and managed a long weekend in November to meet the Hunns in Las Vegas again this year.  I was also able to sneak away for a few days for work in Philadelphia and a short getaway with Laura to New York City.  Mike had work trips in Chicago, Bloomington, and Springfield this year. Our big family trip this year was Disney World and we’ve officially become Disney fanatics!  We love Disney so much that I’ve signed on to help people plan their trips (especially Disney but other places as well!) — email me at if you’re planning to travel anywhere this year! We filled the rest of the year with mini-trips to the Indiana Dunes, Des Moines, St. Louis, Indianapolis, the Wisconsin Dells, and of course, St. Charles and Olney.

Mike is in his 11th year with the Social Security Administration and his second year as the manager of the Peru office.  I also roped him into starting to teach history for Ashford this year!  He’s quite good at both jobs and being manager has allowed him a bit more flexibility, which we all appreciate!

I’m finishing my second year teaching full-time from home for Ashford University.  This year I became the Lead Faculty for POL 201 – American National Government.  I also write and edit for Pipe-Up Media and teach an online class for the local community college, IVCC.  Because three jobs and three kids just weren’t enough, I also started my Doctorate in August (ironically on the girls’ first full day of Kindergarten…) online through the University of the Rockies. The degree is in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in corporate training and e-learning.  I hope to finish sometime in 2019!

We hope that your family has a wonderful Holiday season filled with many blessings! We’re already looking forward to all of the fun that 2015 will hold!

Merry Christmas!



(Mike, Bo, Clara, & Anna too!)

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