July 2014 Round-Up

This month we:

- The trio continued to enjoy going to Sue’s house a few days a week while I worked.  As Anna says, “Sue’s house is the best!”

- I got my hair cut and colored.  Much better!

- I continued to go to DDP Yoga but less frequently than in June — we were gone a lot and Mike was gone quite a bit too making it more difficult for me to get there.  Hopefully August will be better.

- Bo had piano lessons.

- The trio continued with their swim lessons.  We have three little fish now and all of them do great at swimming, diving, and jumping off the diving board.

- I had several meetings and ended up being “promoted” in my full-time position.  I have more responsibility and a new boss.  We’ll see…

- We went to the Indiana Dunes over the 4th of July — and I turned 33 on the 4th.

- I finished booking our February Disney trip!

- Mike was in Chicago for a week for training.  He rode the train into the city.  The trio and I were left to our own devices for the week — which meant that we ate McDonalds a bit too much.

- We went swimming at the Bond’s house one evening.

- Ricardo came and worked on our landscaping.  It looks so much better!!

- I took the trio out for donuts before Bo’s piano lesson one morning.

- The trio went to the library story hour a few Wednesday afternoons this month.  They really enjoyed the books (and bringing home books), as well as the craft and snack.

- The trio and I went to Jim and Sherri’s at the end of the week when Mike was gone.  We spent one day in the pool and the next day Jim took off work so we went to Blackberry Farm to explore, to Graham’s for ice cream, and then picked up Mike from the train.

- We moved the kids rooms around.  Our basement remodeling project is still in the works (the tile floor was finished mid-month — next up is finishing the new bathroom) but Bo’s room downstairs is officially done so he moved down and Anna moved into his old room.  Clara is in the room that she and Anna shared.  Their rooms aren’t fully decorated yet, but they are looking better and they have all adjusted really well to being in their own spaces.  Clara’s room is light purple and green with butterflies.  Anna’s room is yellow and pink with flowers.  Bo’s room is light blue, yellow, and orange with a solar system theme.  So far, so good!

- We took the trio to IKEA to pick up some new items for our remodeling adventure.  On our way back we ate lunch at Tom & Eddie’s and then hit Home Depot and Target before heading home.  Lesson of the day – remodeling is expensive.

- Mike was gone again for several days in July to go to Springfield for more training.  Blah!

- I was able to sneak in a couple of walks with Jen in the mornings.

- I took the trio to Target to have breakfast at Starbucks and shop for schools supplies.  Eek.  We are ready for back-to-school.  19 days!

- Mike drove home from Springfield and we packed and headed to St. Louis.  We stopped in O’Fallon and spent the night before continuing on and spending the day with the Hunn family at the St. Louis Zoo.  We spent the rest of the weekend with the Hunn’s celebrating Owen’s birthday, attending a swim meet, going to Pizza Pro, taking the kids to the new Splash Station, and playing Risk.  It was a great weekend.  We always love to see Owen and Ashley and the kids had a great time with Caleb, Molly, Catherine, and Baby O (even though he isn’t a baby anymore!).

- On our way home from Wentzville we did a little back to school shopping at the outlet mall and ate at the Ole Spaghetti Factory.  Yum!

- The Haskells ended up spending the night in our pit of a guest room (currently buried in the remodeling mess) because a SWAT team ended up being by their house.  It’s a long story —  but I made pancakes for everyone for breakfast and everyone was safe and fine, which is what is important.

- Clara and Anna spent 4 mornings at Frozen Dance Camp.  They loved it and their little performance at the end was really cute.

- Laura finally returned from her month of adventures across the country and we went out one evening for our usual — Red Lobster.  We also went for pedicures and did some shopping at Marshalls and Kohls.  I ended up finding an entertainment center for the basement that we managed to get home in her van — only a good friend moves furniture. ;0

- Abby watched the trio while Mike and I had a dentist appointment.  After our appointment, we headed to Olney for the weekend to celebrate my mom’s birthday.

- We had a nice weekend in Olney.  On our way into town we picked up an ice cream cake for Mom’s birthday at DQ and Joe’s Pizza.  On Saturday, we had Daylight Donuts, watched movies (Star Wars and Harry Potter), grilled, and went swimming at Aunt Manny’s.  I was also able to sneak away to chat with Mandy for several hours on Saturday night late, which was nice.

- On the way home from Olney we stopped in Tuscola and played at the park at the outlet mall for a bit and then had lunch at Chipotle in Champaign.

- The School Club officers met and we have been busy getting ready for the beginning of the school year.  Registration is next week!

- The trio started soccer practice and will have practice and games through the end of the September.

- We had a playdate with Amanda, Josie, and Camden.  Amanda brought coffee (always a win in my book) and Josie played really well with Clara and Anna.  Fingers crossed that the girls Kindergarten year starts out smoothly!

- Cade came over to play with Bo one afternoon and they had fun chasing the girls around.

- Laura and I took Cara, Clara, and Anna to the dance center for their shoe fitting.  A large check later and my girls are signed up for dance class for the year.  This year they will be doing tap, ballet, and tumbling.

- I went out for dinner at the Pink Chihuahua with some friends and showed my crazy cat side (again).  I’m not sure they will go out with me again.  Maybe if I wear my acid wash jeans (yes, expect to see these in the future) and a camel shirt.  ;)  I’ve decided to embrace my own style — I hope the world is ready… lol. ;0

July was a busy but fun month!  Lots of fun outings with the kids and we’ve enjoyed the unseasonably cool temps as well.

You can also see what we were up to in June, May, April, March, February, and January.

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